Books & Sources

The National Archives in Washington, D.C., as well as many newspapers from 1924, provided most of the information on the Wyoming crew members and events that happened after the loss of this great ship. 

However, I found there are many great books about the Wyoming and what life was like during the era of the coastal schooners.  The following books are a few of the ones that were helpful in my search.  I also have listed the location where most of the books and documents can be found.


American Sailing Coasters of the North Atlantic
By Paul Morris

Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks
By Bruce D. Berman

The Great Coal Schooners of New England 1870-1909 **
By Lt. W.J. Lewis Parker USCG

Maritime Nantucket
By Paul Morris

Wake of the Coasters
By John F. Leavitt

The U.S. Life Saving Service
By Ralph & Lisa Woo Shanks

Lighthouses & Lightships of the U.S.
By George R. Putnam

A Shipyard in Maine
By Ralph Linwood Snow &
Captain Douglas K Lee

The Schooner End
By Neale Haley

** Available in storage at the Marblehead Mass. Public Library


National Archives, Washington D.C.
Lynn MA. Public Library
Swampscott MA. Public Library
Marblehead MA. Public Library
Lynnfield MA. Public Library
Boston MA. Public Library
Portland Maine Public Library
Maine Maritime Museum, Bath Maine



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