Crew List

In 1924, the crew aboard the Wyoming numbered 13, including the Captain. note*1 

The following names, of those who perished, was culled from the Shipping Articles of the Wyoming in Boston, the Shipping Articles in Norfolk, VA. and numerous newspapers that reported this tragedy.  When I previously stated that no newspaper article was accurate, I meant that they were incomplete or did not know of the crew change in Norfolk.  They were however, consistent as to who the ships officers were.  The Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror listed my father as going down with the ship, but as I was born in 1927, this obviously was not accurate.
It should be noted that of the first eight able bodied seaman (ABS) listed below, one survived, as he was signed off the ship in Norfolk along with my father. The one that survived is still a mystery.
The last 2 names listed below, are those that boarded the ship in Norfolk.
These names were found in the Shipping Articles of Boston and The Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror
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Title on Ship
Last Known Address    
Captain  Charles Glaesel   65  Jamaica Plain, MA ?
First Mate Agustus Lundahl 33 59 Norfold St Cambridge MA Sweden
Second Mate  Orrin McIntyre ? ? ?
Engineer  William Allen ? ? ?
Seaman (ABS)  Edward Lawrence 28 57 Gregg St Cambridge MA MA
Seaman (ABS)   John Lopes 38 4 Bennet St E. Boston MA Chile
Seaman (ABS)  John Medina 37 54 Church St Norfolk, VA Chile
Seaman (ABS)  Frank Smith 29 Huntville, MO Missouri
Seaman (ABS)  Jacob Gammon 28 166 Cambridge MA S. Carolina
Seaman (ABS)  Antonio Santos 39 620 Shelley St Norfolk, VA Cape de Verde
Seaman (ABS)    E. Covinean 38 268 Commercial St Boston, MA Chile
Seaman (ABS)   Pedro Borrios 26 166 Cambridge MA   Puerto Rico
Cook Soren M. Pedersen 23 24 Emerald St Malden, Ma Denmark
Cabin Boy        
Seaman (ABS) Richard Borden 32 ?    BWI
Bosun    An Mattsson 35  Sweden
       * The first 13 crew listed in the above table are those that sailed from Boston to Norfolk. In Norfolk 2 crew members left the ship and were replaced by the last 2 listed in the table. We know for sure that Soren M. Pedersen got off the ship, the second crew member who left is still as of now unknown. We would like to discover who the other surviving crew member was. If you are reading this article, and have any additional information that could assist us, please contact us.

Interesting fact:

On another voyage of the Wyoming in July of 1923, I found monthly wages for each position aboard the ship. Interestingly, the cook was the highest paid member of the crew.

Position Wages per month
1st Mate $80.00
2nd Mate $70.00
Engineer $80.00
Cook $85.00
Seamen (all) $60.00
Cabin boy ?

Note* A shipping article from October 1923 showed that a 1st Mate, on another ship, was being payed $100. per month. Perhaps, suggesting that the Crew of the Wyoming were under payed, compared to the average pay of that time.

note*1: Captain Douglas Lee told me that most ships of this time period had cabin boys on board. I was unable to find mention of a cabin boy by name or by title in any of the documents I looked at, and can only assume that there were 13 people on board when it was lost at sea.


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