Incident in Boston

The is a letter written by Captain Charles Glaesel about an incident that occurred on the Wyoming just prior to her sailing from Boston to Norfolk. The ship would never return to Boston.

This Letter was found in the National Archives. Below is a typed version to make for easier reading. Interpretation was difficult due to the Captains handwriting and the dialect of that period.


Schr. Wyoming
Boston, Mass.
Jan. 8, 1924

To the U.S. Shipping Commissioner
Boston, Mass.


      I hereby report the disappearance of John G Peters from the Schr. “Wyoming” of which I am Master.  Peters came on board the Schooner 11 A.M. Jan. 7th, 1924 when the ship was tied up at Winnisimmet Ship Yard, Chelsea.  About 6 P.M., he went to his room and to bed.  Next morning the man could not be found on the vessel.   A note was found on his desk directing that his Watch and valuables be turned over to Parties in Boston.  The Note also read. Good Bye.
Watch, Money, Note and Papers were turned over to Police Headquarters, Chelsea, Mass.  His Clothes, Sailors Bag and Suit Case forwarded to your office.

Yours truly,
Chas. Glaesel
Schr. Wyoming










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