I would like to acknowledge the people who helped me in my investigation of the Wyoming.  I started with almost no information other than the sea story my father told me of his time on the ship.  I found a book in the Lynn Public Library written by Paul Morris, that contained the first piece of information about the Wyoming.  I called him on the telephone and he got me started on a 2 year search.

Paul Morris      Nantucket, Mass.
Captain Douglas K. Lee     Rockland, Maine
John Vandereedt  National Archives, Washington, DC
Richard Peuser National Archives, Washington, DC  
Nathan Lipfert Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine
Arnold Carr  Cape Cod, Mass.
John Fish  Cape Cod, Mass.

A special thanks to my granddaughter Jennifer, who created this web site, my daughter Sharon, who had to put up with my bad handwriting, and who typed all the information included in this web site, and to my wife Myrna, for the patience to listen over and over for months, of my reiterating the Wyoming facts as I uncovered them. 














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